An unplanned pregnancy, adoption journey, or single parenthood can be a lonely experience. Helping Hands Pregnancy and Parenting Center wants to alleviate that loneliness by offering the support services and resources you deserve. Help is only a phone call away.

Men’s Mentoring

Even if your partner is the one who’s experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you may struggle with anxiety, fear, and doubt. This is more common than you think, and it’s easy for men to get lost in the shuffle during this time. But your well-being matters to us.

Our center provides free and confidential men’s mentoring services. You’ll receive the personalized emotional support you need during the pregnancy decision process and beyond. And you can connect with other men facing similar situations. Feeling helpless amidst such a significant life change is expected, so we’re here to offer you guidance and advice.

If you’re a parent or undergoing an adoption journey, you may have complicated feelings about your experience. Parenthood and adoption can be difficult, and you may feel uncomfortable seeking extra help. We offer a nonjudgmental, pressure-free environment to feel supported and share honest emotions. There is no shame in having additional support; it demonstrates your strength.

Material Resources and Community Referrals

Your challenges as a new parent or pregnant mom sometimes feel insurmountable. Luckily, that’s where we can offer support. Helping Hands Pregnancy and Parenting Center provides the following free and confidential services:

  • Material supplies from our Baby Boutique (with participation in our parenting classes)
  • Pregnancy verification for MediCal and WIC applications
  • Doctor referrals
  • Community resource referrals (ultrasounds, housing, food, clothing, STD testing, etc.)

If you need helping finding resources for yourself or your children, please don’t hesitate to see what we can do. We’re here to provide the help you need and will connect you to the resources you deserve.

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