Struggling emotionally after an abortion can be physically and mentally draining. You may be unsure how to begin your healing journey or cope in healthy ways. The National Institutes of Health states that women may experience mental health effects like depression, anxiety, and grief after abortion. This means that as painful as your situation may be, you are not alone. And men may have difficulties coping as well. But be reassured that others have walked this road and found healing.

How Can I Heal After Abortion?

Healing after an abortion can feel complicated and confusing. First of all, take things one day at a time. Finding peace isn’t always straightforward, and you may have challenging days. Abortion can be traumatic for many, and the recovery process can take time. But it isn’t impossible. You can make confident steps toward healing with the proper resources and support.

Consider professional help from a counselor or therapist trained in post-abortion recovery or participate in post-abortion support groups to find community. These resources can help you build support, learn what’s helped others, and share your unique situation. If you don’t feel comfortable seeking professional help, think about sharing your experience with a supportive friend or family member.

Engage in self-care activities like taking time for your hobbies or loved ones. Normalcy helps the healing process by reminding us that beauty in life can still be found. And you don’t have to feel guilty over finding happiness in your day.

Free, Confidential Support

Helping Hands Pregnancy and Parenting Center offers client abortion recovery. We’ll provide the tools to begin your emotional healing, share your experience, and be open and honest about your feelings. You don’t have to suffer in silence. We’ll treat you with the compassion you deserve.

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